Installation presented at Melia White House Hotel Artrooms 2017


In this work I question the decision which has been made by British society regarding membership in the European Union and its possible consequences. The installation ‘Brexit’ includes three dimensional objects which represent different body parts as a metaphor of the European Union.

‘Brexit ‘which has already destabilised economic markets and increased racism in the UK. In the long run it may cause the disintegration of the whole of Europe, stronger nationalistic currents, the end of the European Union and radical changes on the international political scene. The sculptures executed in a realistic manner will be scatter around the room symbolizing the disjointed parts of the European Union.

Further inside the room a child with a thistle in its hand represents an independent Scotland.

Strong centrifugal forces awake when the European continent is no longer held together by a social and political bond within the EU. Societies are no longer focused on their similarities but on cultural, political and religious differences. Casts of not yet fully formed human faces symbolise regions all over the world which are seeing self-determination or greater autonomy.

The wave of independent movements has begun.The duvet on the bed is hand painted with caricature images of politicians and anonymous opinions about Brexit which I collected since the referendum from a vast number of people.

The installation also includes four paintings and an animation. The animation which is a collaboration with filmmaker Todor Tragmar and artist Ben Wilson which was screened in a ‘magic box’ and on a TV screen.

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